Training And Education


No matter what stage of your career you are in, help is never far from reach in the Western First National system. A strong training and education structure is one of the most vital elements of our advantage. We are proud to be able to offer a vast array of educational, consulting and coaching opportunities right within our Team.

Our Team have the chance to better themselves through a wide variety of mediums such as:
  • Conventions
  • One on One Classes
  • C D ROM Courses
  • Video Courses
  • Online Educational Opportunities

Western First National has established a regular programme of sales and tuition sessions to continually train its associates in the real estate business. In addition, annual conventions feature internationally known speakers who share the latest techniques and strategies with our sales associates.

In an effort to provide low-cost training to a broader number of associates, First National has created an innovative network for this purpose.

Each month, First National provides several hours of educational and motivational programming to offices via the intranet. These courses allow associates to keep their knowledge current without the time and expense of travel. Western First National has wholeheartedly embraced this new technology.

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