Why Western First National

Before selecting a real estate agency, ask yourself the following questions:
  1. Is the agency centrally located in a high profile area?
  2. Does the agency know and research the market constantly?
  3. Does the agency have the latest technology?
  4. Has the agency a reputation for exceeding customer's expectations?
  5. Does the agency pride itself on delivering the highest level of customer service?
  6. Does the agency have the ability to reach a wide range of potential clients for your property?
  7. Does the agency believe that people are its number one asset?
  8. Has the agency built its business from scratch and become one of the most respected agencies in the Taranaki District?
  9. Does the agency have a Principal with 28 years experience in the industry and whom personally ensures your asset is looked after?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then Western First National is the agency you are looking for.

Whether you require sales or investment management, Western First National will ensure all your needs are thoroughly satisfied in a professional, personable and efficient manner.

So Why Choose Western First National?

Your home is probably your largest asset and selling it could be one of the most stressful events in your life. It makes sense to minimise this stress - by choosing the right real estate agent. There are plenty of local property  'experts', so you want one who will give you the best opportunity to sell your property quickly, at the best price.

Western First National Offers:
  • Precision marketing
  • Professional approach
  • Successful track record
  • Comprehensive local knowledge
  • Confidentiality; your reason for selling remains our secret
  • Distinctive, high-profile advertising
  • Subsidised advertising - we 'joint venture' by heavily subsidising your marketing costs
  • Innovative and interesting website
  • Maximised sales opportunities; all our sales team see all our listed properties.
  • Sales Consultants are trained, in-house by Judy Dixon-Hurlstone, one of New Plymouth's most successful real estate agents with further training from many reputable outside sources
  • Clear contact, regular communication
  • Integrity - we have a clearly-defined procedure for handling multiple offers
  • Negotiating skills - the key to all property deals
  • A real team, with hands-on management
  • We hope you choose Western First National. We will do our best to ensure you enjoy the experience.

So Why Choose Us?
  • Our Team
  • Strong, hands-on Management
  • Company History
  • Careers

For a message from our Principal click here http://www.newplymouthfn.co.nz/index.cfm?pageCall=content&ContentID=52543&MenuItemID=57060&subject=Message_From_The_Principal