Why List With Us?

We at Western First National acknowledge that sometimes, selling a home can be a stressful experience. Accordingly we are totally committed to offering you an extraordinary level of service, designed to ensure the sale and/or purchase of your property is a happy and rewarding event.

To be totally comfortable as a Seller, you need to know you are dealing with a trustworthy and reputable company. You also require an effective marketing programme and the sales knowledge of experienced and professional consultants who have your best interests at heart.

Western First National is renowned for getting the very best result for their clients and at the end of the day - that is what counts and that is what we are employed to do.

To be selected as the agency of choice by clients is every real estate agency's dream - that is always the focus of the Team and the Management at Western First National.

The preparation you put into getting your home ready for sale makes the difference between getting a 'price' and a 'great price'. Whatever your motive for selling, the process can be stress free or it can be tense and disappointing. The good news it that you have the ability to choose.

There are definite factors that will influence the outcome of any sale.

Timing  -  Presentation  -  Method of Sale  - Advertising


Buyers can be found all year round and sometimes, a buyer is waiting for a property just like yours. At other times, we have to find that specific buyer for you.

Timing, presentation and marketing are all essential ingredients when bringing buyers and sellers together.

Spring is often referred to as the best time to sell, as there are more buyers out there. However, there are also more sellers during this time, so there is more competition.

Winter may present fewer buyers, but those we have are extremely focussed on purchasing. There are also fewer homes to pick from, so there is a higher chance yours will be the one they select.

When determining how long before you could expect activity after you list the property, do allow an additional two weeks to prepare both the property and the marketing material.


The old cliche 'You only get once chance to make a first impression' is never truer than when selling a property. While no one expects your property to be a 'show place' all of the time, it is important to show the home as being as spacious as possible. That means packing up unnecessary 'clutter' and storing extra furniture while marketing the home. By doing this, you will make the rooms look bigger in the eyes of prospective purchasers, so clear out anything that isn't needed to create that feeling of space - and DO have it smelling lovely. While we adore our animals, pet smells are a negative. On the cooler days, ensure the home is kept at a comfortable temperature. Even if at work during the day, by leaving a heater on the minimal heat, your home will feel very cosy to those inspecting it. Likewise on hot days, try to have good ventilation happening.

Method of Sale:

Auction - Tender - Sale By Private Treaty (with a price). These are the options available when considering the best method of sale.

With Auction, buyers bid against each other at a date and time suitable to you. You set the Reserve, (the minimum you will accept) and the property isn't sold until bidding either reaches or passes the Reserve or until you say it is SOLD (that is if it doesn't reach the Reserve). Auction sales are unconditional sales so assuming we have buyers who bid, you can make your future plans around this date.

With Tender (as with Auction), the property is put up for sale without a price and buyers have until a certain date to submit their offer on Tender Documents. The property cannot be sold prior to the Tender Closing Date.

Sale By Private Treaty  mean the property is marketed with a set price or 'offers over' that set price. This creates negotiation when an offer is submitted. The offer can be above or below the asking price and can also be conditional on certain things occurring or a cash unconditional offer.


This is usually discussed at length with your Listing Consultant when your property is listed for sale. Your Consultant will discuss the many options with you and will also propose a Marketing Plan that would best suit your property. It is well documented that marketing (advertising) either makes or breaks a property. The aim is to create strong interest and competition and to achieve the best possible sale price for our sellers in the shortest possible time.

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