At Western First National, we recognise that the decision to sell your property often represents the single greatest transaction for those of us who live in the Taranaki Region.

Statistics tell us that we take part in the selling process for a period of 2 - 12 weeks, every 7 - 10 years. As this period can often be considered stressful, we endeavour to make this process as smooth and hassle free as possible, ensuring that every decision we make is the right one for our Vendors.

At Western First National, we only ever have your very best interest in mind. We believe that an agency's duties lay not just in selling your property for a top price but also in providing an exceptional standard of service during the process. Each and every one of our clients is assured of a professional and committed approach from Western First National's Sales Team.

Our long standing reputation for integrity, gives us a distinct advantage over some other agencies - a position we have achieved in the market by employing innovative, effective sales and marketing techniques. Ultimately this has a significant influence on the financial outcome we can achieve for you.

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