• Why choose to have your property managed by Western First National?
  • We offer a comprehensive property management service, run by professionals who know the residential rental market.
  • While it is a fact property is still one of the best investments you can make, the difficulties of tenant selection and day-to-day mangement deters many prospective Landlords. Even though it may not be obvious at first, property management is a full-time occupation (as many Landlords will tell you).
    • How do we select tenants with confidence?
    • What about rent collection?
    • What about inspecting the property regularly?
    • Are you getting market rental for your property?
    • How do you set rentals to ensure a fair return, yet cover all outgoings?
    • Who is responsible for maintenance?
    • What are your obligations under the Tenancies Act?

It's hardly surprising that some people find the day-to-day management of their investment becomes a stress and worry they can do without, or that others give up through lack of time or prefer not to handle the financial transactions themselves. Whatever your reasons, there is one simple solution...

Western First National

When you place your investment with us, we provide a total management service that will protect your investment, secure your return and free you from inspection and maintenance checks. We can tailor individual management plans to suit your particular property and the amount of involvement you wish to retain.

At Western First National - We put you FIRST!


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