Professional Property Management

Why use a Professional Property Manager?
  • To maximise your returns
  • To minimise stress
  • To secure your future
  • To access market information and advice
Maximise Your Returns
Investment properties should make money for you, not work!  
New Zealanders are great DIYers.  It's a strength and, sometimes, a weakness.
If you manage your own investment property - as many people do - it's very hard to know if you're getting the best return on it.
  • Do you know for certain what market rents are in your area?
  • Are you taking advantage of all the tax breaks available to you?
  • When repairs are needed, are you getting the best prices and quality on maintenance work?
  • When tenants move out, is your property re-tenanted (with reliable tenants) as quickly as it could be?
First National Collective Taranaki Property Management do nothing but manage rental properties.  We can help you enjoy maximum returns on your investment, and keep your weekends free for family and fun.
Not only that, we also remove the stress of managing your own property.  Things like interviewing potential tenants, collecting rent (and chasing arrears), managing paperwork, and a host of other time consuming chores.
If you already use a Property Manager, you might want to consider switching to us in this area.  Switching is easy - we take care of all the paperwork and also notify tenants.
Minimise Your Stress
Does your current Property Manager provide you with ...
  • Intelligent, honest feedback and advice?
  • High impact marketing of your property?
  • A smooth leasing process?
  • Highest quality tenants?
  • Highest possible return?
  • Comprehensive account management?
  • A dedicated single point of contact?
  • 24/7 service for you and your tenant?
If not, you may wish to consider switching to First National Collective Taranaki Property Management.
Secure Your Future
You wouldn't just give any company who called themselves a bank your life savings.  Investment property is no different.  For many people, it is their life savings - or a major part of it.
So the same standards of professionalism and securtiy should apply.  Make sure you complete due diligence, before you engage a Property Manager.  Let First National Collective Taranaki make this easy for you.